Fire Island

The Summer Musical


The day gay marriage becomes legal in New York, heteros get a second chance at love.

               July 24, 2011, Ranoldo and Clark are tying the knot on the same beach where Gabe and

       Anne ditched each other at the altar 22 years earlier. It was a once in a lifetime love,

       but they blew it.  Both are invited. Will they show up or blow it again?  We flashback to

       1989 to see how it all went down.


             This musical is 2 love stories, one straight, one gay, set against the backdrop of Fire Island's

       legendary summer life. A group of thirty somethings share a beach house from Memorial

       Day to Labor Day and also share the woes of love in the eighties:  infidelity, the AIDS

       crisis, the Drag Invasion, breaking up, coming out, struggling to make it in New York

       and true love that gets lost in the undertow.

Fire Island is an 8 character ensemble show with a

rotating chorus of New Yorkers and Fire Islanders.  



Original Book and Lyrics by Jarlath Barsanti Jacobs        

Music by Grammy-nominated Emilio Solla



Contact:  Jarlath Barsanti Jacobs    

                212 989-8308     



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